Western conference room

Rent price:

2000 rub. / hour
13 000 rub. / day


58 sq. m.


60 people

The Hall has all necessary equipment and furniture for small conferences,

Closet and bathroom located in the hall.

The reception area can be arranged in the lobby or in the hall

Coffee break, lunch or reception can be arranged on the 1st floor in the lobby bar or in the restaurant hall on the 2nd floor.

A separate room for storage of handouts and equipment for the event.

In the rent includes the necessary arrangement in the hall, all of the above equipment as well as its connection.

Additionally, you can buy a laptop - 500 RUB. (for the duration of the event), stationery set (notebook+pen) - 100rub. PCs

Access to the venue for the training is 1 hour before the event, at the end of the event receive 30 min. of collection.

If necessary, the day before the event the possible development of the hall in the evening at no extra charge, subject to availability of the hall.

Specifications and Equipment

  • Screen