Celebrations and holidays

The range of rooms includes:

  • 1 restaurant Hall (up to 200 guests)
  • 2 Banquet hall (up to 50 guests)
  • 3 East hall (120 guests)
  • 4 Vip restaurant hall (up to 20 guests)

Special Banquet offers a wide choice of options of the menu include variations of the arrangement of the tables. Banquet Manager always on call and round-the-clock ready to advise you on all questions and show rooms.

Banquet offer includes:

  1. The average check per guest from 1800 rubles
  2. The rent of the hall and equipment is missing
  3. Projector screen
  4. Honeymoon room with Breakfast at a convenient time
  5. The Pyramid Of Champagne
  6. Discount on cake own cooking

We will consider all Your wishes on the menu, the decoration of the hall and service and will make best offer for You!